General Terms


The present general terms apply in an exclusive way between the sites (hereafter “Sites”) published by Bernard Lamonnier (hereafter “Us”) and any person visiting or carrying out a procurement via these Sites.

Any Net surfer can take note of the General terms on these Sites. These General terms being able to be the subject of modifications, the applicable conditions are those in force on the Site with the time of year of making of your purchase order.

The Customer commits himself taking note of these general terms. Any Purchase order validated by a Customer on the Sites implies the preliminary acceptance of these general terms.


The purchase order on the Sites is carried out:
- by electronic way with payment made safe on line
- by the sending by the Customer of an order form accompanied by the payment

We reserve ourselves the right to cancel or refuse any order of a Customer with whom there would exist a litigation relating to the payment of a former purchase order.


The payment of the ordered products can be carried out, according to the ordered products:
- by Credit Card,
- by virtual account PayPal,
- par compte virtuel MoneyBookers,
- by Cheque or Mandate.

In the event of payment by banking cheque, the setting with the cashing of the cheque is carried out with the reception of the cheque accompanied by the order form. The cheque will have to be established below with the order of Bernard Lamonnier and addressed to the address: Bernard Lamonnier - 56, rue de l'Eglise 77760 Ury


The systems of payment in line Bank card, PayPal and MoneyBookers are the subject of a very thorough system of security, according to the last techniques in force.

The banking data are transmitted encrypted (process of encoding SSL). You do not run any risk to be ordered by Bank card.


The prices indicated include, except adverse opinion, the expenses of delivery.

We reserve ourselves the right to modify our prices constantly but the products will be invoicees on the basis of going rate at the time of the booking of the purchase orders.


Our supplies of products and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the Sites, in the cut-off of the inventories available.

Indications on the availability of the products are provided to you, if necessary, at the time of the making of your purchase order.

In the possibility of a unavailability of product after making of your purchase order, we will inform you by email. Your purchase order then would be automatically cancelled and you would be immediately refunded if your bank account were output.

For a payment by cheque, in the event of unavailability of whole or part of the purchase order, settlement will be carried out by cheque at the latest in the thirty days as from the payment of the sums paid by the Customer.


Case of a downloadable product (ebook in format pdf, software product, file):
if payment by CB or virtual account: the bond of remote loading of your product is provided to you immediately after payment
- if payment by Cheque or Mandate: you will receive by email the bond of remote loading of your product, to the maximum 24 hours after confirmation of cashing of your payment.

Case of a product in format paper or CD:
- the product is dispatched by the Post office, under 48 hours as soon as we receive the defendant-reception of your payment.

The times of transmission of the data envisaged with the present general terms according to the characteristics of the configuration employed by the Customer, are given only as an indication and the possible delays do not give the right to the Customer to cancel the trade, to refuse the goods or to claim damages.

Precise details on the delivery period of the products could, if necessary, be to you provided at the time of the making of your purchase order, informing you of the realistic time of delivery.

In the event of delay of forwarding, an email will be addressed to you.

So for an unspecified reason of connexion a Customer cannot proceed to the remote loading, it can always contact Us by e-mail.

The reading of the ebook in format pdf requires that the Customer uses the software product Acrobat reader of Adobe available free in remote loading on the site

Guaranty Satisfied or Refunded

You have a 7 days deadline as from the reception to turn over the product which would not be appropriate to you.

The expenses of sending and return - books in format paper - will be then with your burden. Only the price of the bought products will be refunded.

The returns are to be carried out in Bernard LAMONNIER - 56, rue de l'Eglise 77760 Ury in their country of origin and complete.

The incomplete books in format paper turned over, damaged, damaged or dirtied by the Customer neither are taken again nor refunded.


Settlements of the products on the assumptions aimed to the "Satisfied or Refunded" item will be carried out within a time lower or equal to 30 days after the reception of the products by our care.

Settlement will be carried out with our choice, either by credit on your account Paypal or MoneyBookers, or by bank check addressed in the name of the Customer having placed the order and to the bill-to-address.

No sending in against-settlement will be accepted, whatever is the reason.

The present conditions are modifiable without notice

Bernard Lamonnier


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